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Write MEOW! Ink. Presents: “The Great Carp Escape”

An Award Winning, Inspirational Fish “Tail” Based on a True Story . . .
**Endorsed by Canada’s very own Best Selling Author & Prairie Illustrator, Henry K. Ripplinger along with Kirkus Reviews, get your copy today!  Every book sold directly from this author gives back to cat rescue. Visit to “purr”chase.** (Pssst! Look for the “Easter Egg” Cat Named “Pickles” On Each Page But One.)
Tadpoles, clams, and minnows — WOW!

For siblings Beth and Paul, growing up on a lake and exploring the wonders of aquatic life is fun, until the children encounter a startling, “fishy” find along the shoreline. When the kids discover the moustached, scaly blue carp they found lives in the marsh near their home, they become afraid. Seasons pass and Beth and Paul avoid the swampy reeds at all costs–until a natural occurrence brings about a life-or-death situation for the creepy looking carp, right in their own backyard!

With guidance from their father, will Beth and Paul be able to overcome their apprehensions about the carp and help save them before it is too late?




Irish Beth Maddock (nee Fell) is not only a 9 Time Award Winning Children’s Author but is also a Certified Feline Specialist.

For several years she was a columnist for two local newspapers, had stories published in Reader’s Digest Canada, and shared on CHBC Television. Her award winning children’s book, “The Great Carp Escape” has been and broadcasted on programs like 100 Huntley Street, The Harvest Show, Bridges (Nashville) on CTN and CBC Radio to name a few outlets.

She is a published poet, and has both performed in and directed plays and musical theater productions. A playwright for a church drama production, her three part monologue “Tapestry” helped fund-raise over $1,000. So began the realization that she can help raise much needed funds for great causes with her creativity.

Her award winning children’s book, “The Great Carp Escape” is available as a fundraiser for schools, charities, churches and other ministries. For more information please contact

In the mean time, while sleeping with her three cats, Irish would like to continue doing something about those ideas that get downloaded into her brain at 2 AM… =^..^=