Cat Groomers

Crowfoot Paw Spa

Located in NW Calgary, this is the “purr-fect” place to have your feline groomed.

Just so you cat lovers know, Crowfoot Paw Spa is privileged to have Shawna on staff, who happens to be one of the only Certified Feline Master Groomers in all of Alberta.  She is also specially trained through The National Cat Grooming Institute of America. Shauna is a busy girl who grooms anywhere from 50-100 feisty felines a month!

If your kitty needs a good clipping, come visit us at:

#207 150 Crowfoot Crescent NW Calgary, AB T3G 3T2


403 241 1954
Purrfect Paws & Boutique

“One paw at a time makes purrfect paws”
There are many dog and cat groomers in Calgary’s S.W, but none so passionate about a giving your pet a PURRFECT groom, than Purrfect Paws Groomers in Marda Loop.

2108 54 Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta


(403) 454-0913